National History Day


History in Your Hands

NHD Philly is a project-based approach to history that uplifts student voices and facilitates lifelong inquiry and creativity.

  • NHD Philly is the local affiliate of National History Day. This competition is for all Philadelphia students in grades 6-12.
  • Working under an annual theme, students choose the story they want to tell as well as how to tell it, from paper writing to stage performance.
  • The work culminates each March when students from across the city gather to compete at the National Consitution Center.
  • NHD Philly is and always will be free to participate in.

History in Your Voice

A Historic Home

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania serves as the home base institution for NHD Philly! As one of the nation’s largest archives of historical documents, HSP is the perfect starting point on the NHD Philly journey. HSP connects students and teachers with resources and guidance throughout the course of an NHD Philly project. HSP and NHD Philly can help make history yours.

Our Community Partners

NHD Philly is dedicated to making the program equitable and accessible. We rely on partner and community support to help realize this goal and ensure that any Philadelphia student who wants to participate in NHD Philly, can participate in NHD Philly. Help support NHD Philly’s mission today!

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