The Big Picture

NHD lets students take history into their own hands…

…and tell history in their own voices!

Do all students compete together?

There are two divisions in the National History Day program:

  • Junior Division — Grades 6-8
  • Senior Division — Grades 9-12

On Competition Day

All NHD Philly participants gather at the National Constitution Center on their designated competition day. For students in Grades 6-8, it is Wednesday, March 6th. For students in Grades 9-12, it is Thursday, March 7th. Students are assigned a timeslot during which they will meet with a team of judges to discuss their projects! All students, regardless of category, are interviewed on the day of the competition as part of the judging process.

Project Judging

Projects are evaluated by volunteer judges from the community. Their primary goal is to enhance students’ history practice and provide every student with constructive feedback. Judging criteria is specific to project type, but all NHD projects are evaluated on the relevance of project topic to the annual theme, strength of historical argument, and use of primary source materials. For more judging guidelines and category rules, see the NHD Contest Rule Book.

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